Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Compliance with Laws and Internal Rules and Policies

Personnel (all directors, officers and employees of YKT CORPORATION) are expected and directed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as all internal company rules and policies relating to their business activities.

Priority given to Credibility

Personnel conduct business on a “building credibility comes before profitability” basis.

Creation and Innovation

Personnel conduct planning and action to achieve a desired goal keeping the mind on creation and innovation, and strive for corporate value enhancement and self-enlightenment.

Personal Conflicts of Interest

Personnel should avoid any action which may involve a conflict of interest with YKT CORPORATION.

Corporate Assets

No Personnel may pursue personal benefits using or misusing YKT CORPORATION’s assets or tempt anyone to do.

Handling of Internal Information

Personnel administer and carefully treat information that belongs to YKT CORPORATION and no Personnel in any event may pursue their own interest or otherwise interest of third parties using information including personal information that has become known in connection with their duties.

Prohibition of provision of benefits

No Personnel may give benefits to stakeholders in relation to the exercise of the rights of stakeholders.

Social Contribution

Personnel carefully understand and comply with social norms including all applicable laws, regulations, and otherwise customs, and act based on common sense in order to pursue that corporate profits live in with social payoff.

Global Cooperation

Personnel appreciate a diversity of cultures and customs in international business, and are required to observe regional laws and regulations including social norms.

Product and Service

Personnel strive to distribute products and services that satisfy customers’ needs, giving due consideration to product liability, saving resources and environmental conservation.

Fair Business

Personnel conduct sales and procurement activities sincerely through appropriate procedures, and define and observe fair and impartial conditions for transactions.

Gifts and Entertainment

Personnel may give gifts, entertainment or otherwise payment to business partners, provided the value of such is reasonably and morally acceptable.

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