YKT CORPORATION is a specialized machinery trading company, providing the most advanced production equipment and facilities sourced from Japan and throughout the world. We are proud to offer the Best Solutions to our clients’ needs, based on our outstanding technological expertise and consulting skills.
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Panasonic Factory Solutions
Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Production Modular
Configurable modules allowing flexible line setup
New Concept adapting to the changing industries
High area productivity with total mounting lines
Flexibility in response to larger boards and larger components
Higher area productivity through dual lane placement
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Strausak CNC High Precision Grinding Machine
Efficient for Cutting Tool Blank Production
Roughing and finishing in one operation and the innovative guiding system, key to offering high-quality consistently, accommodate the demand for cutting tool production. Operation for large blanks in combination with multi pass roughing dramatically reduces machining time.
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DAREX CNC 4-axis Bench-Top Drill Sharpener
Fast Process in Ease of Use
A wide variety of conical, facet, R- and X-thinning drills can be processed at high speed.
It takes only two minutes to sharpen and also hone, part of the automatic cycle, solid carbide drill designated ø10 mm for example. This enables the grinding feedrate to be adjusted automatically, thus to prevent burning and to provide optimum sharpening performance, expanded to dry process for low maintenance.
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